October 2018 - Mattershift wins DOE RAPID award to demonstrate it’s ethanol fuel extraction technology at pilot scale

August 2018 - Mattershift has formed Mattershift Biofuels to revolutionize biofuel production - reducing fossil fuel needed for biofuel by >90%

July 2018 - Mattershift has moved from NYC to San Francisco


March 2018 - Article in Forbes about Mattershift

March 2018 - Mattershift receives first order for its CNT membranes from desalination company, Trevi Systems. John Webley, CEO describes how Mattershift tech will help lower energy use. Read more here

“We’re excited to work with Mattershift because its membranes are uniquely tailored to allow salts to pass through our system while retaining our draw solute,” said John Webley, CEO of Trevi Systems in Petaluma, California. “We already demonstrated the world’s lowest energy desal process in our pilot plant in the UAE last year, and Mattershift’s membranes are going to allow us to push the energy consumption even lower.”

March 2018 - Dr. Benny Freeman, membrane expert and Professor of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin discussing Mattershift tech. Read more in the Press release about our paper:

“Achieving large scale production of carbon nanotube membranes is a breakthrough in the membrane field,” said Dr. Freeman. “It’s a huge challenge to take novel materials like these and produce them at a commercial level, so we’re really excited to see what Mattershift has done here. There’s such a large, unexplored potential for carbon nanotubes in molecular separations, and this technology is just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”

March 2018 - First peer-review paper about Mattershift tech published in Science Advances

Science Advances Cover.png
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August 2017 - Mattershift CEO Rob McGinnis debuts the World's First Radially Aligned Carbon Nanotube Membrane at the International Congress on Membranes in San Francisco, CA

Mattershift ICOM2017.jpeg

April 2017 - We won Best New Water Technology at the 2017 Global Water Awards in Madrid, Spain