Rob McGinnis, PhD - Founder, CEO

Before founding Mattershift, Rob was Co-founder and CTO of venture-backed startup Oasys Water, where his forward osmosis desalination technology cut the energy and cost of removing salt from water by 50%. McGinnis has authored over 30 patents and peer-reviewed articles in the fields of membranes, energy, desalination, and nanotechnology. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Yale University.

Amanda R. Martinez - Strategy, Communications

Prior to joining the Mattershift team, Amanda was a freelance science journalist. Her work was published by The New Yorker.comThe AtlanticScientific AmericanScience News for KidsSeed Magazine, and the National Science Foundation’s news service Science 360. Amanda holds a master’s in Science Writing from MIT.

Kevin Reimund - Research


Mark Wilf, PhD

Founder, RO Technologies, Former CTO Hydranautics

Benny Freeman, PhD

Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

David Sholl, PhD

Chair of the School of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Georgia Tech

William Mitch, PhD

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Jeffery McCutcheon, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut


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